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Taiwan to help Nauru launch clean energy initiative

Taiwan to help Nauru launch clean energy initiative

President Ma Ying-jeou pledged Tuesday to help develop clean energy in the Pacific island country of Nauru, one of Taiwan's 22 diplomatic allies.

In a meeting in Taipei with visiting Naru President Baron Waqa, Ma said Taiwan will help Naru halve its use of diesel for power generation by 2020.

To this end, Taiwan will provide the island country with solar-powered lighting equipment and energy-saving lamps, Ma said.

Taiwan and Nauru maintain close cooperation in the areas of agriculture, medical services, public health, clean energy, human resource development and cultural exchanges, Ma said.

For example, Taichung Veterans General Hospital has signed an agreement with Nauru's health department to send doctors to help improve medical services in Naru, Ma said.

Noting that 31 Nauru citizens, including Waqa's children, have studied in Taiwan since 2006, Ma said he hoped to see more students from that country in the future. (By Hsieh Jia-chen and Lee Mei-yu)

Updated : 2021-09-20 06:52 GMT+08:00