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Taxman to investigate KMT VP candidate

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The National Taxation Bureau of Taipei was investigating Kuomintang vice-presidential candidate Jennifer Wang based on an allegation by opposition lawmaker Tuan Yi-kang that she had evaded taxation on real estate deals.
Following weeks of accusations, Wang admitted Tuesday that she had bought twelve military apartments and sold nine of those for a profit totaling NT$13.8 million (NT$420,000).
After her news conference, the Democratic Progressive Party’s Tuan said that because she had used other names to buy and sell the apartments, tax evasion might be involved.
A tax department spokesperson confirmed it had received a document from Tuan revealing the accusations. Other citizens had also filed requests, which would lead to the tax service checking up on the flow of funds and information, while also preparing to interview relevant individuals, reports said.
The taxation bureau said it would investigate whether the relevant transactions touched upon income tax or donation tax, while it would maintain absolute impartiality. If there was a case, it would be handled according to the law, but if no violations had taken place, the individuals concerned would be confirmed as innocent, the bureau said.
Ever since KMT presidential candidate Eric Liluan Chu chose Wang, a former labor minister, as his running mate last month, allegations were made that she profited from considerable dealings in real estate, especially in apartments issued for the benefit of low-income military families.
Wang and Tuan exchanged legal suits accusing each other of a variety of issues, including aggravated defamation. The KMT has acknowledged that the allegations against Wang have damaged its standing in the run-up to the January 16 elections, which it is already expected to lose according to almost all opinion polls.

Updated : 2021-09-25 22:52 GMT+08:00