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Tsai to investigate White Terror: Chen

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen will set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate the 228 Incident and the period of the White Terror if she is elected, her running mate Chen Chien-jen said Tuesday.
Thousands of people, often members of Taiwan’s political and intellectual elite, were killed, imprisoned or disappeared during the 1947 uprising against the Kuomintang regime and in the following years of repression.
Transitional justice was the first important issue for the DPP’s political reform plans, Chen said Tsai told him. He was addressing a gathering of victims of the 228 Incident who had formed a support group for the DPP’s January 16 election campaign.
If she was elected president on that day, she would establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to find out the truth about the repression, Chen said.
There is a need to understand the truth of what happened and give the victims and their families closure about the crimes they suffered, Chen reportedly said.
The 228 Incident was a painful page in Taiwan’s history, while the victims were not just native Taiwanese but also many Chinese who had followed the KMT from China, he said. An authoritarian dictatorship had brought suffering to many, Chen said.
Those guilty of crimes should be brave enough to come forward and admit guilt while also offering honest remorse, which was a precondition for allowing the victims to forgive and true reconciliation to take place, according to the vice-presidential candidate.
Chen told his audience that the opposition needed to win a majority if the truth were to be told openly about the periods of the 228 Incident and the White Terror.

Updated : 2021-09-24 06:00 GMT+08:00