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Prosecutors checking independent Russian TV channel

Prosecutors launch checks into independent Russian TV channel

Prosecutors checking independent Russian TV channel

MOSCOW (AP) -- Prosecutors and fire inspectors are launched checks into Russia's only independent television channel.

The TV station Dozhd said on its website that prosecutors visited their office Monday morning to check compliance with labor and health regulations following a citizen's request. Dozhd's director general Natalya Sindeyeva wrote on her social media account that the prosecutors were followed by fire inspectors.

Dozhd, the only TV channel to investigate Russian military involvement in eastern Ukraine, has run into trouble with authorities before. It was on the brink of demise last year when nearly all cable networks dropped it in a matter of days following a Kremlin-sponsored harassment campaign. Following the termination of a lease agreement, Dozhd spent several months broadcasting out of an employee's apartment before moving to a new studio in February.

Updated : 2021-09-25 04:57 GMT+08:00