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District prosecutors to appeal Ting Hsing verdict this week

District prosecutors to appeal Ting Hsing verdict this week

Changhua District Prosecutors Office plans to appeal the not-guilty verdict for Ting Hsin officials in the tainted oil scandal this week or the coming Monday at the latest, CDPO chief prosecutor Huang Zhi-yong said Monday.

The office was busy with writing a petition to appeal and hoped to sway judges to deliver a guilty verdict in the second trial, Huang said.

The verdict of acquittal in the first trial has led the public to question whether the prosecutors had rushed the investigation, resulting in insufficient evidence to convict the defendants.

Attending the 2015 Distinguished Achievement Award for Civil Servants Award press conference, which the CDPO has won, Huang said that the CDPO had successfully prosecuted many food safety cases in the past, from the plasticizer case, the Flavor Full tainted edible oil case, to the Chang Chi mixed oil case.

For cracking these above-mentioned cases that jeopardized national food safety quality and people’s health in Taiwan, the CDPO has won the 2015 Distinguished Achievement Award for Civil Servants Award, which was conferred by the Examination Yuan.

The prosecutors successfully indicted these cases within one month’s time because they had efficiently collected all related data and obtained sufficient evidence to convict the defendants, Huang said. Their attitude and work ethic toward the Ting Hsing case was no exception, he added.

However, to their regret, the judges did not accept their opinions and therefore made the not-guilty sentence, Huang said.

Everybody in the office was glued to the TV, waiting for the moment of truth in the live broadcast on the sentencing day, Huang said. Upon hearing the verdict, colleagues were all outraged and discouraged, and he couldn’t sleep that night, he said. However, everybody was up and running the next day to study how to strength their argument, Huang added.

Updated : 2021-09-23 23:28 GMT+08:00