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Ma should save Wang from drowning: Chu

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Asked on a popular talk show whether he would save President Ma Ying-jeou or Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng first if they were drowning, Kuomintang presidential candidate Eric Liluan Chu said Ma should save Wang.
With the January 16 election approaching rapidly, the candidates have been stepping up their appearances in the media and in public at markets and temples. On Friday, Chu was the guest of entertainer Shen Yu-lin to face questions, some of which unexpected.
The comedian asked the KMT leader whom he would save first if Ma and Wang fell into the sea at the same time.
Chu said that everybody knew the president was a good athlete and a perfect swimmer, so he would not need any help. He would ask Ma to go out and save the legislative speaker, Chu said.
“If (Ma) did not want to save (Wang), I would go and save him,” Chu reportedly told his host.
Relations between the three top KMT politicians have had their ups and downs, with Ma and Wang embroiled in a fierce power struggle from 2013 until early this year, when the party finally gave up attempts to expel the legislative speaker.
Wang was appointed at the top of the list of at-large legislative candidates for the KMT, which defused reportedly less-than-optimal relations between the speaker and Chu, who succeeded Ma as party chairman.
During the show, Chu also faced critical questions targeting the quality of the party’s at-large list and his decision not to resign as mayor of New Taipei City while running for president.
Opinion polls have been predicting a landslide victory for opposition Democratic Progressive Party leader Tsai Ing-wen, who is running at least 20 percent ahead of Chu. People First Party Chairman James Soong is likely to finish a distant third according to most surveys.

Updated : 2021-09-26 17:22 GMT+08:00