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Penghu County promotes low-carbon tours

Penghu County promotes low-carbon tours

The offshore county of Penghu launched a promotional event Thursday for low-carbon travel, inviting students and bloggers to tour the county on electric scooters. Penghu is one of two island counties in Taiwan that have been designated as "exemplary low-carbon islands."

At the invitation of the Tourism Bureau's Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, dozens of bloggers and students traveled to Penghu, where they were provided with electric scooters to ride around and visit scenic spots such as Lintou and Aimen beaches.

The event was aimed at encouraging more visitors to tour Penghu by electric scooter. For every electric scooter they rent, visitors will receive a government subsidy of NT$100 (US$3) per day, according to the administration. The idea of making Penghu an exemplary low-carbon island came out of the 2009 National Energy Conference.

The objective was to create two low-carbon communities in each city and county in Taiwan within two years, four low-carbon cities and two low-carbon islands (Penghu and Kinmen) by 2014, and four low-carbon living circles in northern, central, southern and eastern Taiwan by 2020. (By Chen Chi-ching and Christie Chen)

Updated : 2021-09-22 14:35 GMT+08:00