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Mandarin Airlines unveiled the new painted “Explore Taichung” Boeing 737-800

Mandarin Airlines unveiled the new painted “Explore Taichung” Boeing 737-800

Mandarin Airlines and Taichung City Government jointly introduced the newly painted “Explore Taichung” Boeing 737-800 on December 2nd, 2015. The paint job is done with graceful and beautiful flowers representing Taichung to showcase central Taiwan.

On December 3rd, this newly painted B737-800 aircraft will make its maiden flight, visiting Hong Kong. The “Explore Taichung Aircraft” debuted on December 2nd at Mandarin Airlines’ maintenance facility with splendid live performances and a specially produced 3-D animation. The ceremony sparked a large round of applause and enthusiasm from the audience and created a great expectation for Mandarin Airlines’ new Boeing 737.

Mandarin Airlines Chairman Chang Yu-Hern said, “As the leading brand in central Taiwan’s aviation industry, Mandarin Airlines’ has promoted Taichung tourism consecutively in the past 10 years. In 2010, Mandarin Airlines introduced a Sun-Moon-Lake themed Aircraft with a great fanfare. The continued collaboration with Taichung City is another great opportunity to introduce the beauty of central Taiwanese to global travelers.”

Taichung City mayor Lin Chia-Lung said, “Explore Taichung and come to the World Floral Expo in Taichung. The main focus is to promote tourism in the coming years, so when we see a Mandarin Airlines aircraft, it is like seeing a flying name card introducing Taichung and central Taiwan to travelers from all over the world.”

The Boeing 737-800 carries eight passengers in the Business Class and 153 passengers in the Economy Class. The seat headrests in the cabin are adorned with flower stitching to give passengers an in-depth cozy feeling while in flight. In the future, passengers will have the chance to board this newly liveried aircraft also in Ho-Chi-Minch city, Seoul and various destinations throughout Asia.

Updated : 2021-09-27 10:12 GMT+08:00