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U.S. blogger recommends day trips to Yingge, Taichung

U.S. blogger recommends day trips to Yingge, Taichung

Travelers in Taiwan should consider taking the high speed train on day trips to Yingge, Taichung, and Sun Moon Lake to see ceramics artwork, savor local delicacies in the night markets and drink tea in the woods, according to a U.S. travel and food blog The Dining Traveler.

Yingge, which features a ceramics museum and a ceramics street, is just an hour's drive or half an hour by train from Taipei, making it a good choice for a day trip from the capital city, Washington-based blogger Priya Konings said on Nov. 30.

Visitors to the museum can learn about the importance of ceramics in Taiwan's history and how the different ways of firing clay affect the look of the final product, Konings wrote. Further south, about an hour's ride on the high speed rail from Taipei, lies Taichung, the biggest city in central Taiwan, which boasts a science museum, botanical gardens and the biggest night market in the country, the blogger said.

Konings said she had an inexpensive, simple but perfect ramen, some of the best in her life, at a small spot not far from the hotel where she stayed in Taichung.

She also tried some delicious local dishes in the city's Fengjia night market, she said.

Sun Moon Lake, an hour's drive from Taichung, is a calm, peaceful and beautiful scenic area for travelers looking to escape city life, the blogger said. One can go hiking or biking during the day, and sample and buy tea at practically every local shop, Konings wrote.

In another blog on what to do, see, taste and enjoy in Taipei, Konings said on Nov. 16 that although many people in Taiwan don't speak English, the "most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is the people," as the Taiwanese themselves like to say. (By Kuo Chung-han)

Updated : 2021-09-27 06:22 GMT+08:00