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China criticizes French journalist's report

China criticizes French journalist's report on violence, ethnic issues

China criticizes French journalist's report

BEIJING (AP) -- Chinese officials have accused a French journalist of political bias for her reporting on Beijing's efforts to equate ethnic violence in the western Muslim region of Xinjiang with global terrorism.

In response to the Nov. 18 article by Ursula Gauthier in Le Novel Observateur, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday criticized Western media for using double standards in reporting the violence and said terrorism should not be considered ethnic violence in Xinjiang.

China blames much of the violence on the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, although many international observers question if the group exists in any organized form.

Rights groups also have argued that the violence largely stems from economic marginalization of ethnic Uighurs (WEE-gurs) and what is seen as suppression of their culture and religion.

Updated : 2021-09-24 02:46 GMT+08:00