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Jennifer Wang sues DPP legislator

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Kuomintang vice-presidential candidate Jennifer Wang sued Democratic Progressive Party legislator Tuan Yi-kang for aggravated defamation Wednesday after he accused her of having bought and sold at least 19 military apartments for a profit.
After KMT chairman and presidential candidate Eric Liluan Chu chose her as his running mate last month, allegations surfaced that the former labor minister had bought and sold three military-subsidized apartments, while also living in a low-rent government dwelling and having allegedly resold a plot of farmland to its original owner at a large profit.
Wang denied all the allegations, saying she had bought an apartment for her sister, while the farmer had not paid more than he originally had received. Earlier this week, she and her husband, a Judicial Yuan official, moved out of the low-rent apartment connected to his function.
However, on Wednesday, Tuan launched a new series of accusations at a news conference. He said that Wang was involved in at least 19 transactions linked to military apartments dating back to twenty years ago. He had found the data amid official asset filings by her husband.
Appearing at the Taipei District Prosecutors Office to launch her legal action against the DPP lawmaker, Wang said she had invested in real estate after leaving government, but she denied the allegations about 19 transactions.
“I am not a perfect person, but I am certainly a person who respects the law,” Wang told reporters, while apologizing for the “social upheaval” the cases had caused.
According to Wang, she, her sister and her mother each had had a military apartment in their name since 2008, but none of those had been sold, so there was no question of real estate speculation. Before she took up government service, she had considered buying apartments as an investment, but nothing of what she had done was illegal, she said in a statement. Wang said she would explain everything in court while the facts were also available in her official asset reports to the government.
At his news conference, Tuan said Wang invested in two apartments in 1995 but the investments only lasted two years, Tuan said. In 1997 the couple bought a further three, which lasted until 1999 and 2002 respectively, according to the allegations from the lawmaker, who also listed the surnames of the persons who had sold their military apartments to Wang and her husband.
The prime aim of the dwellings was reportedly to help low-income veterans and people with a military background, though civilians without links to the armed forces, such as Wang, were not specifically barred from purchasing them, reports said.
Tuan presented a list of apartments with the dates Wang and her husband invested in them and the date they withdrew. Most of the investments only lasted a few years at most, according to the lawmaker.
He accused Wang of having continued the practice all the way from 1995 until the recent past, with the latest purchase dated 2013.

Updated : 2021-09-23 09:03 GMT+08:00