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Kosovo opposition holds anti-government rally

Kosovo opposition holds rally to protest against government's deals with Serbia, Montenegro

Kosovo opposition holds anti-government rally

PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) -- Tens of thousands of Kosovo opposition supporters have held a protest against the deals with Serbia and Montenegro -- a peaceful one in contrast to recent disruption of parliament.

Organizers said Saturday's rally, on the national Independence Day, attracted some 35,000 participants at the Zahir Pajaziti Square downtown Pristina.

Despite police arrest warrant for him, Abin Kurti, a leader of the opposition Self-Determination Movement, spoke against the government's deals.

One opposition lawmaker has been arrested and three others, including Kurti, are wanted by police over the disruption of the Parliament work during the last three months with tear gas, pepper spray, whistles and water bottles, demanding that the government renounce a deal with Serbia giving more powers to ethnic-Serb communities in Kosovo and another with Montenegro on border demarcation.

Updated : 2021-09-24 01:07 GMT+08:00