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Queen Elizabeth II wraps up nostalgic Malta trip

Queen Elizabeth II ends Malta trip as Commonwealth leaders discuss extremism, climate change

Queen Elizabeth II wraps up nostalgic Malta trip

VALLETTA, Malta (AP) -- Queen Elizabeth II is wrapping up a nostalgic visit to Malta, where she joked that Canada's youthful new leader had made her feel old.

The British monarch has close ties to the Mediterranean island, where she lived between 1949 and 1951 while her husband, Prince Philip, was in the Royal Navy.

On Saturday she ends a three-day state visit that saw her open a summit of the 53-nation Commonwealth of Britain and many of its former colonies.

She was toasted at a banquet by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose father Pierre governed Canada for more than a decade from 1968. Trudeau recalled the monarch's many visits to his country, saying she had "seen more of Canada than most Canadians."

The queen thanked Trudeau "for making me feel so old."

Updated : 2021-09-19 23:08 GMT+08:00