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Foreign ministry to demand ICLEI correct placing of Taiwan cities

Foreign ministry to demand ICLEI correct placing of Taiwan cities

Taipei, Nov. 26 (CNA) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Thursday that it will lodge a protest against the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) over a name issue after it listed five Taiwanese cities as being in China and will demand a correction.

This act has undermined Taiwan's national dignity and the ministry will ask its representative office overseas to assist the five cities in protesting against the name issue and demand a correction, said ministry spokeswoman Eleanor Wang.

Wang's remarks came after Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu initiated a protest by the five municipal heads Thursday against the ICLEI over the name issue.

In a protest letter, Chen, Tainan Mayor Lai Ching-te, Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung, New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu and Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je demanded a swift correction of "China" to "Chinese Taipei," when referring to their respective cities of Taiwan.

Kaohsiung said that the ICLEI was among the groups to form a mayoral alliance in September 2014, and that in a Wednesday press release, it marked Kaohsiung, Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung and Tainan as being in China.

As of press time, the ICLEI has made corrections to the naming of the five Taiwanese cities and marked them as being "Chinese Taipei." (By Wang Shu-fen, Lilian Wu and Elaine Hou)

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