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Wang apologizes to Chu over property scandals, protests

Wang apologizes to Chu over property scandals, protests

Wang apologizes to Chu over property scandals

Kuomintang vice presidential candidate Jennifer Wang apologized to party chairman Eric Chu in the morning over the alleged housing scandal involving her buying and selling of military properties, reports said Thursday.

Wang said during an online press conference that Chu understood the matter and that he has complete faith in her.

“He even apologized for dragging me into the election campaign, urging me to stay strong despite the attacks from opposing parties,” she said, citing that Chu hopes her joining could help him win further support.

Wang was accused of having indulged in real estate speculation by buying and selling military properties. Earlier this week, she had to declare her assets when registering as a candidate in the January 16 election.

According to the official documents, Wang owned seven buildings, four pieces of land and NT$28.59 million (US$880,000) in savings.

Asked if she would be stepping down from her VP candidacy after the alleged scandals, Wang however said once she is into something, she never backs down.

“My duty as of now is to help Chu win his presidency. I will do everything I can to achieve that goal.”

Commenting on whether she is feeling the pressure after her nomination as Chu’s running mate, Wang said although she hadn’t prepared for this, the entire process has been a “shocking experience,” as it has already started to impact her family life, and especially towards her husband.

“I certainly need more time to adjust to all the media attention.”

Wang served as the head of the Council of Labor Affairs, the precursor of today’s Ministry of Labor, from 2008 to 2012. Her past policies have since sparked a huge debacle in Taiwan, including the alleged reasoning behind the NT$22,000 minimum wage nationwide.