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Disgraced colonel to serve 18 years for spying for China

Disgraced colonel to serve 18 years for spying for China

An former officer of the Military Intelligence Bureau (MIB) will spend the next 18 years of his life in prison for spying for China, as the Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the sentence of a lower court in the espionage case.

In 2014, Colonel Lo Chi-cheng was convicted by the Taiwan High Court on espionage charges and sentenced to 18 years in prison and a six-year suspension of his civil rights. Lo was found guilty of repeatedly selling military intelligence to China while he also received monetary rewards from Taiwanese authorities for false intelligence given to him by China since January 2007.

He accumulated illegal gains of nearly NT$10 million, which are now confiscated by the court. The court ruled that Lo was bought by money although he had received many benefits from the Taiwan government during his service in the Ministry of National Defense's intelligence bureau.

The Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the High Court, which means Lo now has no further legal recourse.

In October 2011, the Military Supreme Court found him guilty of espionage and extortion and sentenced him to life imprisonment but his case was transferred to the civil justice system under a series of military reforms in 2013. A China-based Taiwanese businessman Lo Pin, was also convicted in the case and sentenced in 2010 to three years and six months in prison for colluding with Lo Chi-cheng to gather military intelligence for China.

Updated : 2021-09-22 11:49 GMT+08:00