Golden Horse Awards 2015

Taipei, Nov. 21 (CNA) The 52nd Golden Horse Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place at the National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei later Saturday.

A total of 39 films will compete for awards in 22 categories.

The ceremony will be hosted by model and actress Lin Chi-ling and TV host Mickey Huang, and broadcast by Taiwan Television Enterprise (TTV).

Oscar-winning director Ang Lee and Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan will be among the award presenters. A red carpet event will begin at 5:30 p.m., followed by the award ceremony at 7 p.m. Following is a list of this year's nominations:
[Best Feature Film] The Assassin Thanatos, Drunk Port of Call Tharlo Mountains May Depart
[Best Animation Feature] Monkey King - Hero Is Back McDull: Me & My Mum
[Best Documentary] 32 and 4 On the Rim of the Sky The Verse of Us Wansei Back Home The Chinese Mayor
[Best Short Film] Under the Sun No No Sleep The Death of A Security Guard Filial Piety Award Time to die
[Best Director] Hou Hsiao-hsien / The Assassin Chang Tso-chi / Thanatos, Drunk Pema Tseden / Tharlo Jia Zhangke / Mountains May Depart Tsui Hark / The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D
[Best Leading Actor] Lee Hong-chi / Thanatos, Drunk Aaron Kwok / Port of Call Feng Xiaogang / Mr. Six Deng Chao / The Dead End Dong Zijian / De Lan
[Best Leading Actress] Shu Qi / The Assassin Karena Lam / Zinnia Flower Zhao Tao / Mountains May Depart Sylvia Chang / Office Vivian Sung / Our Times
[Best Supporting Actor] Cheng Jen-shuo / Thanatos, Drunk Lawrence Ko / Murmur of the Hearts Michael Ning / Port of Call Michael Chang / The Laundryman Wang Qianyuan / Saving Mr. Wu
[Best Supporting Actress] Lu Hsueh-feng / Thanatos, Drunk Elaine Jin / Port of Call Ma Sichun / The Left Ear Jian Man-shu / Maverick Jiang Wenli / The Master
[Best New Director] Alec Su / The Left Ear Lee Chung / The Laundryman Xiang Guoqiang / Young Love Lost Bi Gan / Kaili Blues Frankie Chen / Our Times
[Best New Performer] Lee Hong-chi / Thanatos, Drunk Jessie Li / Port of Call Michael Ning / Port of Call Cecilia So / She Remembers, He Forgets Ado?Kaliting 感acidal / Wawa No Cidal
[Best Original Screenplay] Chang Tso-chi / Thanatos, Drunk Lin Shu-yu, Liu Wei-jan / Zinnia Flower Philip Yung / Port of Call Guan Hu, Dong Runnian / Mr. Six Jia Zhangke / Mountains May Depart
[Best Adapted Screenplay] Sylvia Chang / Office Acheng, Chu Tien-wen, Hsieh Hai-meng / The Assassin Xu Haofeng / The Master Pema Tseden / Tharlo Cheng Yu-chieh, Lekal Sumi Cilangason / Wawa No Cidal
[Best Cinematography] Hsu Chih-chun, Chang Chih-teng / Thanatos, Drunk Christopher Doyle / Port of Call Mark Lee / The Assassin Lu Songye / Tharlo Yu Lik Wai / Mountains May Depart
[Best Visual Effects] Victor Wong, Bryan Cheung / Rise of the Legend Guo Jianquan, Christian Rajaud / Wolf Totem Jason H. Snell, Ellen Poon, Tang Bingbing / Monster Hunt Wook Kim / The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D Rick Sander, Christoph Zollinger / Gone With the Bullets
[Best Art Direction] Yohei Taneda, Lee Kin-wai / Monster Hunt William Chang, Alfred Yau / Office Yi Zhengzhou / The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D Hwarng Wern-ying / The Assassin Liu Qing / Gone With the Bullets [Best Makeup & Costume Design] Yee Chung-man / Monster Hunt William Chang, Lui Fung-shan / Office Hwarng Wern-ying / The Assassin William Chang / Gone With the Bullets Zhai Tao, Yuye Chen / De Lan
[Best Action Choreography] Corey Yuen / Rise of the Legend Li Chung-chi / SPL2 - A Time For Consequences Yuen Bun / The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D Liu Mingzhe / The Assassin Xu Haofeng / The Master [Best Original Film Score] Lin Shangde, Tseng Yun-fang / Thanatos, Drunk Kung Yu-chi (A Gong - sodagreen) / Zinnia Flower Chen Yang / Murmur of the Hearts Lim Giong / The Assassin Yoshihiro Hanno / Mountains May Depart
[Best Original Film Song] Darkness on the Sea (Lyric: Ke Ding; Composer: Ke Ding; Performer: Ke Ding) / Port of Call Twist (Lyric: Luantan-Ascent; Composer: Luantan-Ascent; Performer: Luantan-Ascent / The Laundryman He Bi Ne (Lyric: Lin Xi; Composer: Dayu Lo; Performer: Eason Chan / Office A Little Happiness (Lyric: Hsu Shi-chen, Wu Hui-fu; Composer: Jerry C; Performer: Hebe Tien / Our Times Aka pisawad (Lyric: Suming.Rupi; Composer: Suming.Rupi; Performer: Suming.Rupi / Wawa No Cidal
[Best Film Editing] Zhong Renbo / The Verse of Us Chang Tso-chi / Thanatos, Drunk Chen Po-wen / Murmur of the Hearts Ding Sheng / Saving Mr. Wu Liao Ching-song / The Assassin
[Best Sound Effects] Kuo Li-chi / The Laundryman Kinson Tsang, George Lee, Yiu Chun-hin / Monster Hunt Tu Duu-chih, Wu Shu-yao, David Richardson (HKSE) / Office Tu Duu-chih, Chu Shih-yi, Wu Shu-yao / The Assassin Zhang Yang / Mountains May Depart
[Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year] Hou Hsiao-hsien
[Audience Choice Award] Mountains May Depart
[FIPRESCI Prize] Kaili Blues
[Lifetime Achievement Award] Lee Li-hua (By Christie Chen)