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Taiwan moves up to 23rd in IMD World Ranking of Business Talent

Taiwan moves up to 23rd in IMD World Ranking of Business Talent

Taiwan's business talent ranks 23rd globally

IMD business school’s World Competitiveness Center released its annual World Talent Report in which Taiwan moved up four spots to 23rd behind Singapore (10th), Hong Kong (12th), Malaysia (15th), but ahead of Japan (26th), Korea (31st), Thailand (34th), and China (40th).

Amongst the main factors of the IMD business talent ranking, Taiwan’s “investment/development” in 2015 moved up 9 spots to No. 18 in the world as compared to the previous year. “Appeal” went up 4 spots to No. 26 and “readiness” remains at No. 25.

If we look at the breakdowns for best performance, Taiwan is in 8th place in terms of effective personal income tax rate; 9th in worker motivation; 10th in science in schools; 6th in educational assessment PISA; and 11th in health infrastructure.

In this report, Switzerland leads the way in developing, attracting and retaining talent to satisfy corporate needs. The research ranks Denmark second and Luxembourg third, with Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Canada, Belgium and Singapore completing the top 10.

The report explains that the key attribute among all the countries that rank highly in standings is “agility,” as shown in their capacity to shape policies that preserve their talent pipeline.

Rankings are based on 20 years' worth of competitiveness-related data, including an in-depth survey of more than 4,000 executives in the 61 countries covered by the study.

Updated : 2021-09-26 09:59 GMT+08:00