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Northern Taiwan to see much cooler weather next week

Northern Taiwan to see much cooler weather next week

The warm weather could soon give way to rain and lower temperatures from next Tuesday as a cold front is approaching, the Central Weather Bureau said Thursday.

Mercury lows could dip below 20 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan, and showers are expected there and in eastern Taiwan, forecasters said.

Even cooler weather is in the forecast starting from next Wednesday, when Taiwan could fall under the effect of the strongest cold high pressure system since this fall, said Wu Teh-jung, a professor of meteorology at National Central University.

The lowest temperature Taipei has seen so far this fall was 19.6 degrees, recorded Nov. 2, according to the bureau.

Central and southern Taiwan, however, could be less affected and could see temperatures of between 20 and 30 degrees early next week, bureau data shows.

aiwan has seen no signs of winter weather as November progresses, with temperatures in Taipei hitting a record high of 33.1 degrees Celsius Nov. 17.

Updated : 2021-09-22 19:26 GMT+08:00