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Russia sets up taskforce to wipe out doping 'infection'

Russia sets up taskforce to wipe out doping 'infection' in push for Olympic return

Russia sets up taskforce to wipe out doping 'infection'

MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia has set up a taskforce to wipe out the "infection" of doping in track and field as the country faces being banned from next year's Olympic competition.

The Russian athletics federation was suspended Friday by the IAAF after a report commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency accused the country of operating a state-sponsored doping program.

The chairman of the new taskforce, Gennady Alyoshin, says the group consists of officials from sport federations, the government and an athletes' representative. He says the aim is "to root out this infection" in the track and field federation.

With only nine months until the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Russian Olympic Committee head Alexander Zhukov denied that any changes would be purely cosmetic.

While the committee will work to get Russia's track and field ban lifted, he says "the main task is not just to fight back against the criticism that's being directed at us, but to really clean up our sport and get rid of doping."

Updated : 2021-09-29 07:49 GMT+08:00