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Kremlin-controlled TV airs 'secret' plans for nuclear weapon

Kremlin-controlled TV airs 'secret' plans for new submarine-launched nuclear torpedo

Kremlin-controlled TV airs 'secret' plans for nuclear weapon

MOSCOW (AP) -- President Vladimir Putin's spokesman says plans for a new submarine-launched nuclear torpedo shown on Kremlin-controlled television were secret and should never have been aired.

The video broadcast on NTV and Channel One -- shot over a military officer's shoulder during a meeting with Putin -- showed a document describing a weapons system called Status-6, which it said would cause radioactive contamination to make coastal areas unsuitable for military or economic activity "for a long time."

The channels later removed the footage.

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said late Wednesday: "It's true that some secret information was caught by the camera and therefore it was subsequently removed. We hope this will not happen again."

The appearance of the video on Kremlin-controlled channels raised suspicions it was done intentionally to alarm the West.

Updated : 2021-09-19 18:34 GMT+08:00