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Joubert back refereeing in Six Nations after RWC controversy

Controversial ref Joubert back in action in Six Nations for England-Wales at Twickenham

Joubert back refereeing in Six Nations after RWC controversy

DUBLIN (AP) -- Craig Joubert will referee the England-Wales match in the Six Nations in March, his first major appointment since the controversial end of the Australia-Scotland quarterfinal at the Rugby World Cup.

Joubert was publicly humiliated by World Rugby after he awarded Australia a last-minute penalty that it kicked over to beat Scotland by one point at Twickenham. The South African ref penalized a Scot for being offside, but video replay showed the ball hit an Australian first, making the Scot onside. That happened in less than a second, in rain.

World Rugby made the unusual decision to release a statement and shame Joubert, and inflame Scotland's feeling of injustice.

Joubert was unable to use the Television Match Official at the time, a rule which is being reviewed.

Aside from controlling the England-Wales game at Twickenham on March 12, Joubert will see the Scots again, but as a touchjudge when they play Ireland in Dublin on March 19 on the final weekend.

Among the other appointments announced on Wednesday, Nigel Owens, who whistled the World Cup final, will touchjudge a couple of matches before taking the tournament closer between France and England in Paris.

Updated : 2021-09-23 22:18 GMT+08:00