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Official: Bosnian Serbs should shelve referendum on courts

Top official: Bosnian Serbs should shelve plans for referendum on respecting federal courts

Official: Bosnian Serbs should shelve referendum on courts

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The top international official overseeing implementation of Bosnia's peace deal says Bosnian Serbs should "step back from the brink" and shelve plans for a referendum on whether their mini-state must respect the central government's courts and judicial institutions.

Valentin Inzko, the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, said Tuesday that such a referendum directly challenges the 20-year-old Dayton Agreement which ended the vicious 1992-1995 civil war that killed an estimated 100,000 people.

Inzko told the U.N. Security Council that the European Union's decision-making council concluded on Oct. 12 that such a referendum would challenge Bosnia's "cohesion, sovereignty and territorial integrity" and undermine its efforts to join the EU.

Inzko said the decision of the Bosnian Serb parliament to hold a referendum hasn't been published yet so "there is still an opportunity to rectify this breach of the peace agreement."

Updated : 2021-09-27 10:31 GMT+08:00