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The Latest: GOP presidential candidates meet for 4th debate

The Latest: GOP presidential candidates meet for 4th debate, with Trump, Carson leading

The Latest: GOP presidential candidates meet for 4th debate

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- The Republican presidential candidates are debating for the fourth time in the 2016 nomination contest, this time in Milwaukee, as they compete to narrow down the wide-open contest.

Here are the latest developments (all times local):


4:23 p.m.

GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio is getting debate night help from a new political group called "Baby Got PAC."

That's a super PAC funded by John Jordan, a wealthy California winery owner, and named after a popular 1990s song by rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot.

He and Rick Wilson, a Florida Republican admaker, put together a 60-second commercial that will air Tuesday on Fox News channels, including Fox Business News, which is co-hosting the GOP debate in Milwaukee.

The spot compliments other Republican presidential hopefuls but promotes Rubio as the strongest potential opponent to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Rodham Clinton. The ad quotes media reports that Clinton supporters -- including former President Bill Clinton -- view the 44-year-old Florida senator as her toughest potential general election opponent in a field of 15 candidates.

Jordan formed his own super PAC to spend money on the presidential race, and is putting up roughly $100,000 of his own money. He said other donors have already expressed interest in helping out, and he has several other ads already prepared. Super political action committees can take unlimited amounts of money from contributors but cannot coordinate with the candidates they seek to help.

Asked about the PAC's name, Jordan says: "You have to be different to stand out. Why not have a little fun with it?"

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