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Mexico senator introduces medical marijuana measure

Mexico senator introduces measure that would allow importation of cannabis-based medicine

Mexico senator introduces medical marijuana measure

MEXICO CITY (AP) -- A senator from Mexico's ruling party is introducing a bill that would allow patients easier access to cannabis-based medicines.

The measure is not a wholesale legalization of medical marijuana, but rather seeks to permit the importation of cannabis and its derivatives for medicinal purposes. It would retain a prohibition on national production of the plant.

Sen. Cristina Diaz Salazar's bill would codify in law a recent court ruling that granted an 8-year-old girl's parents permission to import marijuana oil to treat her severe epilepsy.

Diaz Salazar announced the measure Tuesday at a news conference in the Senate building.

It is unrelated to a Supreme Court decision last week permitting a single group of four people to grow, possess and smoke marijuana for recreational purposes under the right to personal freedom.

Updated : 2021-09-27 01:10 GMT+08:00