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Tsai slams Ma for not taking a stand for Taiwan

Tsai slams Ma for not taking a stand for Taiwan

Tsai slams Ma for not taking a stand for Taiwan

Democratic Progressive Party Tsai Ing-wen again criticized President Ma Ying-jeou for not taking a stance on Taiwan and for failing to achieve equality based on mutual respect at his summit with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, reports said Sunday.

“He has completely failed to exert his responsibility as the nation’s leader,” Tsai said, adding that most people in Taiwan have been disappointed at the outcome of the Ma-Xi summit.

Responding to Xi’s comment that the 1,500 Chinese missiles are not aimed at Taiwan, Tsai reiterated that the people on Taiwan will not be subject to Beijing’s threat, saying the latter’s response has left many unconvinced as reports by the Ministry of National Defense and National Security Council have long affirmed that the military installations are indeed directed at the island.

The controversial “1992 Consensus” also formed a frequent topic for conversation inside and outside the Singapore summit. Ma said that during his talks with Xi, he had insisted on mentioning the full formula, “One China,” followed by “Each His Own Interpretation,” a phrase usually totally avoided by Chinese leaders and media.

“The people on Taiwan have since lost their faith in President Ma. He lives in his own little bubble as he often refuses to listen to the voices and opinions of others,” Tsai said.

Tsai also charged Ma for using the talks to concretize a political framework that would limit Taiwan voters' choices in cross-strait relations.

"I believe the DPP can lead the people of Taiwan in expressing their true voice," Tsai said, adding that she will use an even more democratic method to compensate for the harm caused by the Ma-Xi summit.