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Stallone still packs a punch with Rocky return in 'Creed'

Yo, Philly! Stallone still packs a big punch with another round of Rocky in spinoff 'Creed'

Stallone still packs a punch with Rocky return in 'Creed'

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Sylvester Stallone isn't just going one more round as Rocky Balboa in the spinoff "Creed."

Stallone promised Friday that there would be more movies based on Philadelphia's favorite fictional son and Adonis Creed. Creed is the son of Rocky's rival and friend, Apollo Creed, and the titular character who pushes Balboa out of retirement in the movie set for a Nov. 25 release.

Stallone and fellow "Creed" actors Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson and writer-director Ryan Coogler attended a celebration of the movie atop the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps.

The Rocky statue stands at the base of the museum, not far from the steps where the hard-luck fighter made movie history.

Stallone says of the Rocky series: "I would like to follow this character until eventually he's an angel."

Updated : 2021-09-20 01:15 GMT+08:00