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Minor political parties protest against Ma-Xi Singapore meeting

Minor political parties protest against Ma-Xi Singapore meeting

Taipei, Nov. 4 (CNA) Minor political parties and several civic organizations protested in front of the Presidential Office Wednesday against President Ma Ying-jeou's (???) scheduled meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping (???) in Singapore set for Nov. 7, complaining about the secrecy surrounding the impending visit. Upon learning about the meeting, members of the Green Party Taiwan Social Democratic Party Union (????????) gathered in the plaza in front of the Presidential Office, calling on Ma to cancel the meeting, and in the meantime, asking ruling Kuomintang Chairman and presidential candidate Eric Chu (???) to make known his position on the matter. A spokesman for the political union said that Ma should cancel the meeting, since there is no consensus among the people to authorize the president to proceed with political negotiations defining the cross-Taiwan Strait status quo. Later in the day, members of the New Power Party (????), Taiwan March (????), Democracy Tautin (????) and some civic organizations went to the Legislative Yuan, calling on legislators of all parties to propose a bill to recall the president in order to defend national interests and safeguard Taiwan's democratic system. From the Legislative Yuan, the protesters proceeded to Ketagalan Boulevard and held a rally near the Presidential Office to express their discontent over the forthcoming Ma-Xi meeting. The protest rally closed after the crowd shouted slogans against the Ma-Xi meeting and a proposed cross-strait agreement on commodity trading. (By S.P. Yeh, C.P. Liu and Lillian Lin)

Updated : 2021-09-17 19:27 GMT+08:00