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BC-Climate Countdown,ADVISORY

BC-Climate Countdown,ADVISORY


In one month, world leaders and top diplomats will gather in Paris to hash out what organizers hope will be the biggest, strongest global agreement ever to fight global warming. The U.N. is trying to persuade all countries to agree to limit carbon dioxide emissions -- and to find money to help poor countries deal with climate change that's already swallowing islands and damaging economies. A Paris accord could be the first in which all countries agree to take action: The previous deal, the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, only applied to about 35 rich countries, and the U.S. never took part.

The AP plans comprehensive coverage of the Paris conference Nov. 30-Dec. 11, in text, video, photos, interactive graphics and on social media. In addition, AP reporters are fanning out around the planet in the coming weeks to report on the following themes:

The problem: The science and the daily reality of living with rising seas, receding glaciers and encroaching deserts.

The solutions: Ways to reduce emissions, from miracle batteries to planting mangroves.

Diplomatic wrangling: Who wants what in this hotly disputed accord.

The costs: How much does global warming cost governments already, and what is a fair price for a Paris deal.

Editors should expect to see several stories each week in the buildup to the conference.

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Updated : 2021-09-22 07:05 GMT+08:00