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MAC chief may meet Chinese counterpart at APEC meetings

Taipei, Nov. 2 (CNA) Hsia Li-yan (???), Taiwan's top China policy official, said Monday that he may have the chance to meet with his Chinese counterpart Zhang Zhijun (???) during the upcoming Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings in the Philippines. This year's APEC summit is scheduled for Nov. 18 to 19 in Manila. President Ma Ying-jeou (???) has appointed former Vice President Vincent Siew (???) as his special envoy to attend the summit on his behalf. Hsia, the head of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council, said Chinese President Xi Jinping (???) will very likely attend the summit, in which case Taiwan will try to arrange a meeting between Siew and Xi on the summit's sidelines. The MAC chief said it was not clear at present if he would be part of Siew's delegation to the APEC conference, but he said he would likely go if Siew is to meet with Xi. Asked during a legislative hearing about possible issues to be discussed at the Siew-Xi meeting, Hsia said the agenda could cover existing problems across the Taiwan Strait, such as the lack of progress in signing a trade-in-goods agreement and establishing representative offices in each other's territory. Although both sides want to conclude negotiations on a trade-in-goods agreement by the end of the year, that will not happen before the APEC forum is held because the date for the next round of cross-strait technical talks has not yet been set, he said. (By Yin Chun-chieh and Y.F. Low)

Updated : 2021-09-17 08:46 GMT+08:00