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Moldova president appoints interim PM after ex-PM dismissed

Moldovan president appoints caretaker PM after ex-premier loses confidence vote in Parliament

Moldova president appoints interim PM after ex-PM dismissed

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) -- Moldova's president has named an acting prime minister after government lost a no-confidence vote due to corruption allegations.

President Nicolae Timofti appointed deputy prime minister Gheorghe Brega as interim premier Friday until a new government is formed. Brega said a new pro-European government should be formed as soon as possible. Parliament now has three months to approve a new government.

Lawmakers voted Thursday against the government of Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet, who defended former premier Vlad Filat, who is accused of corruption.

Filat was arrested Oct. 15 on charges of taking $260 million in bribes, allegedly linked to a fraud in which up to $1.5 billion went missing from three Moldovan banks ahead of the November 2014 parliamentary election.

Strelet and Filat both deny wrongdoing.

Updated : 2021-09-28 18:33 GMT+08:00