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South African police investigators create mock murder scene

South African police create mock murder scene with fake blood, then make real-life arrests

South African police investigators create mock murder scene

JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- South African police said it was like a Hollywood movie.

Police say they duped a businessman who wanted to kill his business partner, using photographs of a mock murder scene to convince an alleged accomplice of the businessman that the target of their plot had been killed.

Police Brig. Hangwani Mulaudzi said Friday that the conspirator then paid $720 to an undercover policeman who was posing as the hitman and had shown the photographs.

Mulaudzi says the business partner participated in the ruse, agreeing to have fake blood put on him before the photo shoot. Mulaudzi compared the case to a Hollywood movie.

The accused businessman and his conspirator were arrested and face charges including conspiracy to commit murder. A police statement about the case did not name the men.

Updated : 2021-09-27 19:36 GMT+08:00