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Climatologist warns against the hazardous PM2.5 from China

Climatologist warns against the hazardous PM2.5 from China

The hazardous PM2.5 from China is coming

As a Greenpeace survey has found, air pollution in 80% of Chinese cities has exceeded national standard from January to September in 2015. Unfortunately, the offshore wind is set to aggravate the air quality in Taiwan over the next few days.

In recent years, the foul air pollution in China has contributed to a large portion of Taiwan’s air pollution. According to CEO and founder of WeatherRisk Explore Inc Peng Chi-ming the impact of air pollution from China will loom over Taiwan and reaches its peak on October 28. Environmental Protection Administration statistics show the average density of fine particle 2.5 (PM2.5) is high between October and December. Taiwan will face similar polluted air quality in the upcoming months because China encounters high atmospheric pressure masses in winter, which prevent air pollution from dispersing and blown to Taiwan by seasonal winds.

PM2.5 is particulate matter 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter. It is a mixture of small particles and liquid droplets, which includes acids, organic chemicals, metals and soil or dust particles. PM 2.5 is produced from a wide range of industrial processes and automobile combustion. The industries using these processes include brickworks, refineries, cement works, iron and steel making, quarrying, and fossil fuel power.

China is responsible for 30–35% of the global SO2, NOx, CO and particulate emissions, and 40% of global particle numbers (PN) in the 20–1,000-nanometre size range, reported by Nature.

For four days, officials in Seoul, South Korea have advised citizens to stay indoors because of the harmful air pollution thought to be blown over from China, YTN reported. As the temperature becomes colder in China, more families use fossil fuels to heat their home, thus the air quality rampant.

According to the Environmental Protection Administration's index for PM2.5, there are no significant increases in PM2.5 concentrations are forecast for Taiwan on October 27 but all areas except for eastern Taiwan could see a sharp rise on October 28.

Air pollution is not just a national problem for air does not respect borders and impacts other countries.

Updated : 2021-06-17 02:31 GMT+08:00