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Retrocession Day commemorated in Taipei

Retrocession Day commemorated in Taipei

Taipei, Oct. 25 (CNA) The 70th anniversary of Taiwan's retrocession to the Republic of China was commemorated on Sunday morning at a meeting held at Chungshan Hall in Taipei, where a representative of the ROC government accepted the surrender of Japanese forces in Taiwan on Oct.
25, 1945.
President Ma Ying-jeou (???), Vice President Wu Den-yih (???), Premier Mao Chi-kuo (???) and about 1,000 representatives of government agencies, civic organizations, foreign diplomats and descendants of the Taiwan Volunteers (?????), a group of Taiwanese youngsters who fought against Japanese troops during the Second Sino- Japanese War (1937-1945), attended the meeting which was presided over by Taiwan Governor Lin Junq-tzer (???).
A group of high school students dressed in aboriginal costumes led the attendees in singing the national anthem.
Governor Lin welcomed everyone in attendance, particularly three surviving members of the Taiwan Volunteers. A documentary featuring the Cairo Conference held in November 1943 and celebrations of Taiwan's return to the ROC after 50 years of Japanese colonial rule was also shown. (By Y.C. Tai and Lillian Lin)

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