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Witness offers inside look at historic 'Goodfellas' heist

Mobster testifies about elation and fear after $6 million heist portrayed in 'Goodfellas'

Witness offers inside look at historic 'Goodfellas' heist

NEW YORK (AP) -- A turncoat mobster is telling the inside story of a historic heist immortalized in the hit Mafia movie "Goodfellas."

Gaspar Valenti testified on Tuesday at the federal trial of an aging gangster charged in the $6 million Lufthansa robbery in 1978.

Valenti told a Brooklyn jury he was a mob associate when defendant Vincent Asaro asked him to join a robbery crew for an armed holdup at a cargo terminal at Kennedy Airport.

He testified that it was believed there was $2 million at the terminal. He said when the bandits ended up with $6 million, there was elation. The joy turned to fear that they'd be robbed themselves once word got out about the score.

Valenti testified that he and Asaro each got a $750,000 cut.

Updated : 2021-09-18 10:52 GMT+08:00