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Russian intelligence says it foiled terror plot

Russian intelligence agency says it foiled terror plot in southern Russia, detained suspect

Russian intelligence says it foiled terror plot

MOSCOW (AP) -- The Russian intelligence agency FSB says it has detained a man who was planning to blow up a train in southern Russia and go to fight in Syria.

Local news agencies on Monday quoted FSB as saying they detained the Russian man, an assistant train driver, in the Krasnodar region last week. The FSB says the man moderated a "terrorist-leaning" social media group and was going to join Syria militants after blowing up a train.

It was the second announcement of a terror arrest in Russia in two weeks. Security officials last week arrested several men in Moscow who were allegedly trained by the Islamic State group and were planning an attack on Moscow's public transit system.

Moscow on Sept. 30 began carrying out airstrikes on IS militants in Syria.

Updated : 2021-09-20 01:04 GMT+08:00