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Rain-swollen rivers threaten Croatian town

Rain-swollen rivers flood hundreds of houses, threaten more in Croatian town

Rain-swollen rivers threaten Croatian town

ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) -- Rain-swollen rivers have flooded hundreds of houses and are threatening many more in a western Croatian town as authorities struggle to contain the surging waters.

City officials in Karlovac held an emergency meeting Friday after the Kupa and Korana rivers rose higher than predicted.

On Thursday evening, emergency sirens sounded in Karlovac, summoning firefighters and residents for an all-night effort to protect the town by putting up sand bags and other flood defenses.

Still, the water has spread into homes, flooded river bank cafes and parks, and reached city roads. Mayor Damir Jelic says "water is coming and we have to be ready."

A spate of bad weather in Croatia also soaked a town on the Adriatic coast earlier in the week, flooding the city library.

Updated : 2021-09-24 01:44 GMT+08:00