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The Latest: Israeli military begins deploying in cities

The Latest: Israeli military begins deploying troops in cities to help counter wave of attacks

The Latest: Israeli military begins deploying in cities

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's military says it is beginning to deploy hundreds of troops to assist police forces in Israeli cities.

Wednesday's move is the first implementation of measures decided upon by Israel's security cabinet to combat a rash of Palestinian shooting and stabbing attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers.

The cabinet met late into the night and released details of the new measures early Wednesday morning. Steps approved include allowing police to impose a closure on points of friction or incitement according to security assessments. Many of the recent attackers have come from Arab areas of Jerusalem.

The announcement came after a particularly bloody day in which a pair of Palestinian stabbing and shooting attacks in Jerusalem killed three Israelis. Three Palestinians, including two attackers, were also killed.

Eight Israelis and 27 Palestinians have died in a month of Israeli-Palestinian unrest.

Updated : 2021-09-17 11:16 GMT+08:00