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Tsai reveals her new campaign assistant - an orange tabby

Tsai reveals her new campaign assistant - an orange tabby

Tsai shows off her new orange tabby

Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen showed off her newly adopted cat on Facebook page Sunday morning, quoting jokingly that she now has two felines as campaign assistants.

“My cat [A-Tsai] is being vaccinated today,” she said on social media, adding that the two are like families in which she adores dearly. Tsai, who is an advocate of animal rights and welfare, is a staunch supporter of World Animal Day, an event which is celebrated annually on October 4.

The striped orange tabby was a stray adopted in late June while on a visit to a pineapple plantation in Taitung’s Basikao village.

As a cat lover, the presidential contender often reveals public images of her cuddly furballs on social media, a placid move she hopes will help build up public awareness for the nation’s stray dogs and cats.

According to Tsai’s publicist, she can be exceptionally finicky when it comes to revealing pictures of her felines, as experienced during Tsai’s “The Last Mile to Light up Taiwan” published in September, where her cat named “Xian-xian” was mentioned.

“She is a true cat lady,” an editor who worked on Tsai’s book said.

The recently published book was Tsai’s third. Her first, an autobiography titled “From Scrambled Eggs with Onions to Little Ing Lunchboxes — The Life Experiences of Tsai Ing-wen” was published during the 2012 presidential campaign, while her second work titled “Together and Forever: Our Journeys with Tsai Ing-wen” was published later that year.

Updated : 2021-09-22 23:22 GMT+08:00