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Alchemy unveils 'mind-boggling' gadgets at Taitronics

Alchemy unveils 'mind-boggling' gadgets at Taitronics

Alchemy unveils 'mind-boggling' gadgets

Brain-computer interfaces are no longer a thing of the future. A new generation of brain-powered wearable devices can detect thoughts, feelings and facial expressions via electrical currents our bodies produce, according to Duke Tu, project manager at Alchemy Technology Inc.

“The idea that you can manipulate devices using mind power can be gimmicky and yet mind-boggling to the average public,” Tu told Taiwan News during the second day of the Taipei International Electronics Show (Taitronics 2015) on Wednesday.

Consumer devices, like Alchemy’s MindWave Education, put the brain-computer interface in the hands of the common man. The headset is a learning tool making for easy development of brain-computer interface (BCI) applications.

The gadget safely measures brainwave signals and monitors the attention levels of students as they interact with math, memory and pattern recognition applications. Ten apps are included with experiences ranging from fun entertainment to serious education.

“Our goal is to help drive brainwave technology for the masses,” Tu said, adding that the company has already churned out solutions for sleeping aid, such as fatigue detection, emotional control, and sports training.

“Traditionally, we obtain children’s learning pattern by observation and survey. Now with brainwave devices, we can simply determine their learning pattern through short brainwave test to find out the best attention training method for children,” he explained.

Using brainwave signals, the company has rustled up several devices based on this new-fangled technology. They include beds that provide sleeping patterns, fatigue detection systems, and adjustable relaxation lamps.