Lin Yi-hsiung leads protest against lawmakers

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Former Democratic Progressive Party Chairman Lin Yi-hsiung led a protest outside the Legislative Yuan Saturday calling on voters to make “bad lawmakers” lose re-election on January 16.
The protest was organized by a variety of groups linked to last year’s Sunflower Movement, but Lin took the front of the parade and shook hands with supporters and prominent student leaders. While Lin has left the DPP, he is still active in several social organizations, most prominently the anti-nuclear movement.
Almost a thousand people turned up for a parade in the sunshine early Saturday evening, before participants expressed their anger on effigies of several prominent lawmakers, all of them of the ruling Kuomintang. They identified legislators Wu Yu-sheng and Chang Ching-chung from New Taipei City and Liao Cheng-ching from Taoyuan City as their prime targets.
The parade including lawmakers and candidates from most pan-green parties, such as the DPP, the Taiwan Solidarity Union, the New Power Party, the Social Democratic Party and the Free Taiwan Party.
The protesters faced a difficulty in that the Election and Recall Act includes a clause banning “attempts to make candidates lose elections,” but that law specifically refers to spreading lies and rumors, one of the protest organizers said. Lawmakers unfit to serve in their duties should lose the next election, according to student leader Chen Huei-min.
Another protest spokesman said he hoped members of the public did not sit still until election day but actively told their friends about how bad those lawmakers. It was better to prevent them being elected in the first place rather than having to make an effort afterward to recall them.
Earlier this year, a recall vote against KMT legislator Alex Tsai, one of the frequent targets of the green camp, ended in failure because not enough eligible voters cast their ballot. Tsai decided not to seek re-election next year, though.