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Spain: Catalan secession parties triumph but face problems

Spain: Catalan secession parties win most seats but fail to convince majority of voters

Spain: Catalan secession parties triumph but face problems

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) -- Pro-independence parties claim their victory in Catalan regional elections gives them a mandate to continue with plans to break away from Spain but opposition parties and the mainstream media noted that parties opposed to independence took 52 percent of the votes.

Madrid-based newspapers on Monday pointed out that most voters backed parties opposed to independence with leading newspaper El Pais' front-page headine proclaimed, "The independents win the election but lose the referendum."

Conservative Abc newpaper wrote "Catalonia does not want to go."

With just under 100 percent of the vote counted, the "Together for Yes" group of secessionists headed by regional government president Artur Mas won 62 seats in the 135-member regional parliament Sunday, short of a majority and obliging it to seek support.

Updated : 2021-09-18 04:51 GMT+08:00