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Kenneth Lin takes over as EasyCard chief

Kenneth Lin takes over as EasyCard chief

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Prominent economist Kenneth Lin was elected chairman of the EasyCard Corporation Friday to succeed Tai Chi-chuan following the uproar over a Japanese porn star featuring on the company’s card covers.
Lin already served as the EasyCard holding company’s chairman, a function which will now be held concurrently by Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation chairman Hochen Tan. EasyCard is the city-controlled supplier of the value-storage cards for the Mass Rapid Transit system.
The changes were approved by the board meetings Friday of both EasyCard and its holding company. The former’s CEO position, which earlier had also been held by Tai, would go temporarily to deputy CEO Lee Chih-jen.
Lin said that the roles played by EasyCard and by its holding company might be adjusted, while the latter would form a special working group in the wake of the porn star controversy. Outside experts and academics would be consulted in order to adapt policies, according to Lin.
EasyCard chose two pictures of Japanese actress Yui Hatano to feature on a set of card covers, provoking a backlash over her background. Tai later admitted he had been the one behind the choice.
The issue escalated when it became known that a number of cards had been set aside for special use, with several members of the Taipei City Council and city advisers benefiting from the measure.
A publication of the name list of the councilors in question misfired because only their surnames had been mentioned, leaving their identity unclear and giving fuel to more speculation.
Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je had already predicted Tai would leave his position as EasyCard chairman, but critics pointed out that if he remained as CEO, his income would barely suffer. Tai went on to take unpaid leave until he was formally replaced on Friday.

Updated : 2021-12-01 06:17 GMT+08:00