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Czech police arrest 2 in counterfeit US dollars case

Police arrest 2 Serbs in the Czech Republic with counterfeit $130,000, raid producer in Serbia

Czech police arrest 2 in counterfeit US dollars case

PRAGUE (AP) -- An official says police have arrested two Serbian nationals who transported counterfeit U.S. dollars to the Czech Republic, and have raided the producer in Serbia.

Spokesman Pavel Hantak says Czech police seized $130,000 of the fake cash as the two men, aged 46 and 52, were arrested in the city of Brno Sept 11. At the same time, Serbian police seized $33,000 worth of fake $100-bills when it raided a house in the town of Zrenjanin where they were produced.

Police said Friday that according to the Czech central bank, the counterfeit dollars were of good quality and hard to recognize.

Since early 2014, the same fake banknotes have been discovered in other countries, including Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia, Lithuania, Serbia and the United States.