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Snowden on video at NYC forum to promote privacy treaty

Snowden appears via video at New York City forum to promote proposed treaty on privacy

Snowden on video at NYC forum to promote privacy treaty

NEW YORK (AP) -- Edward Snowden appeared in New York via video to launch a campaign promoting an international treaty to protect privacy.

The former National Security Agency systems analyst appeared from Moscow via a video link Thursday at a forum in Manhattan on the so-called "Snowden Treaty."

Advocates say the treaty would curtail mass surveillance of phone calls and online activity.

Snowden called the surveillance a global problem that affects everyone.

The treaty also would give international protection to people who expose illegal domestic spying.

The gathering coincided with the United Nations General Assembly. Organizers say diplomats have shown interest in a draft of the treaty. But organizers have declined to name which nations the diplomats are from.

Snowden faces charges in the U.S. for leaking details of the once-secret surveillance programs.

Updated : 2021-12-09 18:28 GMT+08:00