Documentary featuring Obama prison visit debuts in Oklahoma

Inmates view premiere of documentary featuring Obama's visit to Oklahoma federal prison

Documentary featuring Obama prison visit debuts in Oklahoma

EL RENO, Okla. (AP) -- Federal inmates who met with President Barack Obama at an Oklahoma prison during the filming of a documentary in July are hopeful the show will influence policymakers.

About 50 inmates gathered at the El Reno federal prison Wednesday to watch the premiere of "Fixing the System," a Vice on HBO special report. Obama spoke with six of the inmates during his visit.

Bobby Reed is serving a life sentence for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. He hopes the documentary leads policymakers to revisit previous decisions to impose harsh sentences for nonviolent drug crimes.

Obama is the first president to visit a federal prison while in office. He called for changes in the criminal justice system, saying a distinction had to be made between young people doing "stupid things" and violent criminals.

Updated : 2021-04-16 06:36 GMT+08:00