Taiwan promotes greenhouse gas reduction act at AECEN event: EPA

Taipei, Sept. 21 (CNA) Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) on Monday promoted the country's greenhouse gas reduction efforts at an environmental compliance conference in Thailand, the EPA said in a statement. The Greenhouse Gases Reduction and Management Act went into effect in Taiwan in July, signaling that the country is heading toward a low-carbon society, the statement cited Hsiao Ching-lang (???), head of the EPA's Bureau of Environmental Inspection, as saying at the opening of the conference. The act sets a long-term goal for carbon emissions to be reduced to less than half the level of 2005, by 2050. Through the conference, Hsiao said, he hopes different countries will be able to share their experiences in environmental compliance and enforcement and work together to protect the earth. Cynthia Giles, Assistant Administrator for the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, meanwhile, predicted that environmental enforcement authorities will increasingly rely on technology to regulate pollution and monitor the quality of the environment, according to the statement. Organized by the Asian Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network, the "Next Generation Compliance in Asia" is taking place Sept. 21-23 in Bangkok. The conference brings together government agencies, academics and private sector representatives from 16 countries. It will address such topics as national enforcement systems in Asia, improving the effectiveness of compliance programs, and advanced technologies for detecting violations. AECEN was established in 2005 by environmental agencies from 13 Asian countries, with the aim of promoting better compliance of environmental protection laws. (By Zoe Wei and Christie Chen)