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Guatemala presidential candidate drops out of race

Guatemala presidential candidate, once a front-runner, drops out after placing 3rd

Guatemala presidential candidate drops out of race

GUATEMALA CITY (AP) -- Guatemalan presidential candidate Manuel Baldizon says he is quitting his political party and dropping out of the race, leaving a television comedian and former first lady to vie in the runoff to be the country's next president.

Baldizon, of the Renewed Democratic Liberty party, says he disagrees with the results of the Sept. 6 presidential vote that put him in third place after he was the front-runner in the polls. He finished in a statistical tie with former first lady Sandra Torres, though she garnered about 6,000 more votes.

The winner was Jimmy Morales, a former television comedian who has never held political office, but he fell far short of the 50 percent plus one needed to win outright. The runoff is Oct. 25.

Baldizon spoke Monday to radio Sonora.

Updated : 2021-09-17 20:58 GMT+08:00