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Emma Snowsill shares her wisdom with Taiwanese aspiring triathlete

Emma Snowsill shares her wisdom with Taiwanese aspiring triathlete

Emma Snowsill shares wisdom with Taiwanese triathlete

Emma Snowsill, an Australian professional triathlete and Olympics gold medalist, will participate in Tian Li Triathlon Competition in Yilan this weekend. This is the first time an Olympic medalist attends a triathlon competition in Taiwan.

Tian Li Triathlon Competition, sponsored by Columbia Threadneedle Investments and PineBridge Investments, has invited Emma Snowsill to attend the opening ceremony and run the race with Taiwanese triathletes. Snowsill is a world renowned triathlete. She will team up with two other employees of Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

In the press conference, Snowsill generously shared her wisdom and experience with the young aspiring triathletes. She said the difficulties in triathlon are time management and funding. In Australia, fortunately, triathlon is supported by the platforms. Moreover, athletes should time themselves accordingly to avoid the possibility of over training.

Snowsill communicated with the young triathlon coach and a 15 years old aspiring triathlete, advising them in varies aspects of improvements. Snowsill stressed the importance of financial supports but she also mentioned the significance of communication between coach and athletes. "Each athlete is different so they should be trained accordingly," said Snowsill.

In recent years, triathlon is considered the "new golf" among the professions. Snowsill is happy to see the increased popularity of triathlon. "Triathlon is a great sport. If it is your passion and dream, it gives you an opportunity to meet amazing people travel the world, become a part of a great community and a chance to represent your country."

Although it is a trending sport, supported by corporations such as Columbia Threadneedle Investments, the future of athletes requires supports from the government to step onto the international platforms.