Hung suspends election campaigns for self-contemplation

Hung suspends her election campaigns

Kuomintang presidential contender Hung Hsiu-chu posted a message on her Facebook fan page late night Wednesday saying she is suspending her campaigning schedule for self-contemplation and reflection.

“I’ve decided to take a moment off from my busy schedule, and remain in contemplation,” she wrote.

“Thank you everyone for your continued support and encouragement from beginning to end.”

Meanwhile, Hung said the journey thus far has been bittersweet, metaphorically comparing her experience to “Journey to the West” because the path she chose is mainly for the future of Taiwan.

“Journey to the West” is a Chinese novel published in the 16th century during the Ming dynasty, depicting Tang dynasty Buddhist monk Xuanzang who traveled to India from China on pilgrimage.

Hung is expected to hold a public press conference Thursday morning.